Sani:”FG Paid Foreign Airline $831m, If Nigerians Are Trap In War, You’ll Be Looking For Onyema


Former Senator Shehu Sani blamed the Nigerian government for paying foreign airlines $831 million in a recent remark made on his official X account.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani highlighted the reliance on foreign airlines despite the availability of local airlines that can perform the same services.

He pointed out that local airlines, like Air Peace, have been reliable in times of need.


“Nigeria paid $831 million to foreign Airlines. And when Nigerians are trapped in war torn countries, you will be looking up to Onyema’s Air peace to go and rescue them. Make I see any of una call Bro Allen again,” Shehu Sani wrote.

Sani’s statement draws attention to the inconsistency in the government’s actions.

He underlined the importance of supporting local businesses.

The decision to pay foreign airlines has brought debate among Nigerians.

Many are questioning the government’s priorities and its support for local industries.

Sani’s comments reflect general concern about the allocation of resources and the support for homegrown enterprises.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>