Sam Amadi told the tribunal that the degree of legal challenges in our presidential election have never been this high.

Sam Amadi, the head of the Abuja School of Social and Political Theory, claims that there have never been as many legal challenges to a presidential election in the nation. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

During the same interview, Sam Amadi expressed his opinions on President Tinubu’s ministry selections. He commended the president for choosing people with excellent credentials and outstanding achievements in their fields of expertise. He cited the appointments of professionals like Professor Pate, Bosun, and Wale Edun as examples. He did, however, also note that some of the governors named by President Tinubu lacked moral character and expertise.

Sam Amadi stated his worry that some nominees might have been added to the list based more on their connections than their credentials.

He continued by observing that the team put together by President Tinubu appears to be a mixture of competent people and those picked for political motives. He opposed this strategy, saying that it was insufficient given the current situation.

Sam Amadi further emphasized the significant legal difficulties the government is now dealing with. He added that he can safely state that the scope of these legal challenges in this presidential election is unique because he is a lawyer himself.

“Let’s not overlook the significant legal challenge this government is currently up against. We have never experienced this kind of legal dispute in our presidential election, as far as I know as a lawyer.…… Continue Your Reading

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