Ronaldo’s lackluster performance demonstrates that he is an average player when he isn’t scoring goals. ALN 0:2 ALT

Al Nassr welcomed Al-Taaown to the KSU Football Field on Friday night, where they then played their second game in the Saudi Pro League. The Saudi Arabian team, which was captained by Cristiano Ronaldo, lost against Al-Taaown by a score of 2-0, which was a dismal result. Léandre Tawamde and Ahmed Bahuasyn scored outstanding goals to deny the visiting squad its first three points in the competition this year. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Cristiano Ronaldo, who missed Al Nassr’s previous encounter in the competition owing to an injury he sustained in the Arab Club Championship Cup final, returned to duty for the team today. The Portuguese international struggled against Al-Taaown, which prevented him from leading Al Nassr to their first victory in the competition this year. The 38-year-old had many excellent opportunities to give Al Nassr a chance against Al-Taaown, but he was unable to take them.

I think Cristiano Ronaldo’s lackluster performance in this game indicates that he is a merely mediocre player when he is not scoring for Al Nassr. Of course, a center-forward’s primary contribution to the club is scoring goals that help them win games. The striker can attempt to help his team perform better in other areas if these opportunities don’t always present themselves. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t this kind of player since he finds it difficult to have an impact on the team’s performance if he isn’t given the chance to score in games. Due to his inability to score, the 38-year-old player on the field becomes a mediocre one who does not contribute much.…… Continue Your Reading

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