Rivers:Sim Fubara “You Know We Have 2 Governments Now, Me And The Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike”

Sim Fubara "You know we have 2 government now, the Rivers State government and Abuja government"In response to the continuing political unrest in the area, Rivers State Governor Sim Fubara emphasized a noteworthy and unique development, according to a Punch article. According to Fubara, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike’s administration and his own essentially rule two governments over Rivers State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Fubara’s remarks highlighted the tension and complexity of the current political landscape in Rivers.

He noted that litigation has become a constant feature of the state’s governance, suggesting that the newly inaugurated Rivers State council might soon face legal battles.

“I won’t be surprised if I leave here and I hear that they have taken you to court or they have gone to seal the council,” Fubara stated, highlighting the precarious nature of political authority in the state.

Despite these challenges, Governor Fubara affirmed his commitment to asserting his role as the legitimate leader of Rivers State.

He acknowledged the influence of Wike, a former governor of Rivers State and now a key figure in the federal government, but stressed the importance of maintaining clear leadership within the state.

“You know we have two governments now: the Rivers State government and the Abuja government. But whatever it is, for what is worth, we must take the decision to show that we are the ones in charge,” Fubara emphasized.

Fubara also took the opportunity to welcome the new chairman of the Rivers State council, urging him to assert his position and responsibilities. “So let me first congratulate the new chairman; you need to come up and sit at the high table,” he concluded.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>