Rivers:Olaka Nwogu, Section 8 Of The Constitution Says It’s The Assembly That’ll Make Laws For The LG

Rivers:Olaka Nwogu, Section 8 Of The Constitution Says It's The Assembly That'll Make Laws For The LGThe ongoing Rivers State Local Government crisis was clarified by Senator Olaka Nwogu, who represents the Rivers South-East Constituency, in an interview with Channels Television. He underlined that the State Assembly alone is responsible for determining the makeup and organization of Local Governments, as stipulated by the legislation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Senator Nwogu referenced Section 8 of the constitution, which grants the Assembly the power to make laws for Local Governments. He also cited the Rivers State Local Government Law of 2018, amended in 2023, which remains unchallenged in any court. This law explicitly prohibits interim caretaker committees, mandating that only elected Local Government Chairmen can lead the administration.

The Senator stressed that the law requires democratic governance at the Local Government level, as stated in Section 7. His clarification comes amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the Rivers State Local Government crisis, providing insight into the legal framework governing the situation.

In his words;

“The law is very clear, the Governor has no role to play when it comes to composition structure of the Local Government. It’s clearly the function of the State Assembly. Section 8 of the constitution says it’s the assembly that will make the laws for the Local Government. Now there’s a law, Rivers State Local Government Law in 2018. In 2023, It was amended and it’s not challenged in any court. That’s the valid law of the administration of the Local Government. It clearly says there shall not be interim caretaker other than the elected Local Government Chairman. It was done in pursuant to section b7 that says it must be democratic”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>