Rivers:Cletus Obun, Fubara must know 2 bombings within 12 months in the State is simply one too many

Cletus Obun:"If You say the 27 members have lost their seats, it means You Don't have an Assembly"Cletus Obun, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River State, talked about the state’s recent bombings and the worsening political situation in Rivers State in an interview with Arise News. Obun focused on the significance of Rivers State as the “umbilical cord that feeds Nigeria” and underlined that two bombings in a year are “one too many”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

As the Chief Presiding Officer and Security Officer of the state, Obun urged Governor Siminalayi Fubara to take responsibility for ensuring the security of the state, emphasizing that the current situation is “not healthy” and “not good” for the state and the country at large.

In his words;

“The Governor must know that as Chief Presiding Officer and Security Officer of that state, two bombings in a State within 12 months is simply one too many. Whatever way and by whatever means. It’s not healthy. It’s not good and Rivers State is the umbilical cord that feeds Nigeria. So Rivers State is very important to us”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>