Rivers State Crisis:Tonye Princewill, When Rivers State Sneezes, The Whole Country Catches A Cold

Rivers State Crisis:Tonye Princewill, When Rivers State Sneezes, The Whole Country Catches A ColdKalabari aristocrat Tonye Princewill, who is well-known for his work in politics, film production, and philanthropy, has been a major player in Rivers State politics. In the 2007 and 2015 gubernatorial elections, he ran as a candidate for the Action Congress and the Labour Party, respectively. In a recent interview with Vanguard, he shared his perspectives on the political issues facing Rivers State at the moment, highlighting the elders’ interventions and the continuous political strife in particular.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Princewill acknowledged the proactive efforts of Rivers State elders in addressing political issues, though he admitted not being fully abreast of recent interventions due to his absence. He expressed confidence in the elders’ willingness to intervene decisively, based on his past observations of their direct involvement in political affairs.

Highlighting the limited sway of elders over politicians, Princewill emphasized that while guidance is offered, politicians often disregard it. He likened this dynamic to leading a horse to water but being unable to make it drink, characterizing the state’s political turbulence as akin to a family quarrel significantly impacting governance.

In discussing potential solutions to the crisis, Princewill identified the gubernatorial ambitions of Rivers State governors as a critical concern. He pointed out that the quest for excessive control of resources and influence often propels governors toward presidential aspirations, contributing to the state’s political instability.

Further elaborating on the issue, Princewill noted that the immense power and sycophancy surrounding governors inflate their perception of influence, leading them to believe they can sway presidential outcomes. He cited interactions between Rivers State governors and former Presidents Obasanjo, Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari, and Tinubu as examples.

Despite these persistent challenges, Princewill expressed cautious optimism about the current governor’s apparent lack of presidential ambitions. He suggested that this stance might allow the state to concentrate more on internal issues, potentially fostering stability and prosperity for Rivers State.

He emphasized that the current governor’s apparent disinterest in seeking the presidency could be a pivotal factor. This could potentially enable the state to prioritize addressing internal challenges more effectively, fostering stability and prosperity for Rivers State.

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During an interview with The Vanguard, He remarked, “We are big but all we are good for is use and dump but we will never learn. When Rivers State sneezes, the whole country catches a cold. So there is a lot of interest in who becomes Governor here. Not always for positive reasons. This Governor doesn’t look like he will be interested in being President. This might be the difference that will allow us to focus within.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>