Rivers LGA Crisis: Policeman and Vigilante Member Killed

Rivers LGA Crisis: Policeman and Vigilante Member KilledA police officer and a member of a local security group were killed when a dangerous situation broke out in Eberi-Omuma, Omuma Local Government Area, Rivers State, today, according to The PUNCH. The incident happened in the midst of the ongoing crisis that followed the elected local government chairmen’s and ward councillors’ three-year tenure ending on June 17.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the violence erupted around 1 pm when a policeman attached to a politician in the area allegedly shot a member of the Omuma Security Planning and Advisory Committee.

The vigilante was part of a group involved in a clash at the Omuma council secretariat.

In retaliation, members of the victim’s group reportedly attacked the security personnel, prompting a chaotic scene and the immediate flight of the assailants.

The Rivers State Police Command has confirmed the deaths, with spokesperson Grace Iringe-Koko stating that an investigation is underway to determine the underlying causes of the violence.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>