Rivers LG Crisis:Asari Dokubo, Only One Man Can Be Governor Of Rivers State

Rivers LG Crisis:Asari Dokubo, Only One Man Can Be Governor Of Rivers State Former Niger Delta insurgency commander Asari Dokubo expressed strong views about the political environment in Rivers State. In order to serve their own interests, Dokubo emphasized that no one has the authority to rule over or oppress the people of Rivers State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

When speaking with Vanguard, he said, “No individual can take Rivers State people for a ride and pocket us. It is not possible.” This statement demonstrates his faith in the people of Rivers State’s unity and independence.

Dokubo also emphasized that tenure extension is prohibited under the constitution.

He said, “Their position is tenure-bound, and that tenure has expired. Let them not cause unnecessary problems for the people of the state.” He cautioned the young people against falling for political manipulation.

Taking up the subject of political leadership, Dokubo claimed, “Only one man can be governor of Rivers State at a time. We would not have two governors at a time. The people of Rivers State are bigger than Muhajid Asari Dokubo.”

He argued that the people ultimately own the power and are entitled to protect the constitutional boundaries of a political office.

Dokubo went on to emphasize what the residents of Rivers are doing, pointing out that “the people are showing people’s power. The people have gone on their own to take over local government secretariats because it is about the people.”

“Nobody can say that we voted for three years’ tenure for a chairman, and the chairman should exceed one second of that tenure.”

This illustrates how the people of Rivers State actively engage in making sure that the government is in line with the Constitution.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>