Rivers LG Crisis: Each Participant Will Receive Startup Capital Of N10m – According to Orolosama Peter Amachree

Rivers LG Crisis: Each Participant Will Receive Startup Capital Of N10m - According to Orolosama Peter AmachreeThe recently appointed caretaker committee chairmen in Rivers State have started their responsibilities even though they are not able to enter their local government secretariats. On Thursday morning, the majority of them declared the dissolution of all standing committees within their respective regions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The Nation reported that during their inauguration in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, the Governor instructed them to avoid violence and work from any suitable location within their councils.

Some committee members were inaugurated outside council gates, in customary courts, or in hotels.

Before the inauguration, police took control of all council secretariats following Tuesday’s violent clashes, which resulted in the deaths of a policeman and a vigilante member.

David Omereji, Chairman of Emohua, inaugurated his committee at the Customary Court in Rumuji.

Promise Reginald, Chairman of Omuma Local Government, dissolved all standing committees, including revenue, petroleum taskforce, sanitation, and motor parks. He directed all affected individuals to hand over council property immediately.

Orolosama Peter Amachree, Chairman of Asari Toru Local Government, also dissolved all previous committees and announced an economic empowerment program. This initiative will provide 50 individuals with ten million naira each for their businesses.

He said, “In a strategic move to stimulate the local economy, the chairman will initiate an economic empowerment program targeting 50 individuals.

“Each participant will receive a startup capital of ten million naira to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.”

“Asari Toru Local Government is poised for progress and prosperity under the leadership of Orolosama P. Amachree.”

In Obio-Akpor, Chairman Amb. Ihunwo Chijioke dissolved all committees and warned companies to avoid dealing with unauthorized agents. Security agencies were instructed to arrest impersonators.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>