Responses to the bold writing of Obi’s name after UK students were instructed to name all-time great leaders

Presidential Election: Findings Show Peter Obi Did Not Win In 19 States

In the UK, Peter Gregory Obi, a former presidential candidate for the Labor Party, has been publicly recognized and listed among the names of all-time great leaders.

Peter Obi was one of the good leaders the UK students were instructed to name.

There were also a number of other world leaders listed. The pupils named Martin Luther King, Donald Trump, Mahatma Gandhi, Modi, Imran Khan, Tinubu, former US president Barack Obama, and many others.

The previous governor of Anambra state’s name was bolded the most in the viral photo that was circulated online, indicating that pupils had cited it the most.

Kindly check out the way the names of the leaders are written in the picture below

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