Reasons Why Chelsea’s Manager Should Take Into Account Using A 4:4:2 Formation Following Their Loss To West Ham

Chelsea’s manager may want to think about switching to a 4-4-2 configuration in order to address some concerns that sprang up during the team’s recent 3-1 loss to West Ham. The defeat exposed a lack of midfield control and a defensive vulnerability that a 4-4-2 formation might be able to address. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Chelsea may make their defense and midfield more tight by using two banks of four, which would close the holes that West Ham took advantage of. Better defensive coverage would be provided by this arrangement, making it more difficult for opponents to take advantage of the openings between the lines.

Additionally, a 4-4-2 system might provide the offensive front two with additional support, enabling Chelsea to consistently put pressure on the opposition’s defense. Perhaps better opportunities to score goals will result from this strategy.

The squad’s strengths and limitations must be carefully taken into account before changing the configuration, of course. The manager should evaluate how well the players will fit into this system and adjust his or her plan accordingly. A 4-4-2 shape won’t ensure quick success, but it could be able to address the problems raised by the most recent defeat and give Chelsea a more balanced approach going forward.…… Continue Your Reading

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