Protest: Kenyan man react to a Nigerian who said Nigerians wont destroy their country like they did


Kenya is currently experiencing a protest wave. The movement, which was sparked by contentious proposed tax increases, has grown into a larger national movement for more transparent government. Some call for the resignation of the entire government.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Amid all that, the country’s President, William Ruto, hosted a space on X to discuss the state of the nation with Kenyans and according to a report, over 134,000 people attended the space, including Nigerians also. Kenyans were allowed to express themselves. In the development of that, a Kenyan man who obviously looked pumped up, said they are not done yet as they won’t be lied to, and they are not Nigerians.

A Nigerian man, after seeing all those rants from the Kenyan man, told him they won’t destroy Nigeria’s infrastructure like Kenya’s did and even if they want to protest, they will do it in an organized way. The Kenyan man, after seeing that reply from a Nigerian, did not hold back as he tweeted saying:

“Politicians’ mansions and flashy cars are not infrastructure. Infrastructure is good schools, hospitals, roads, uninterrupted electricity & water supply, jobs availability, and good governance. Do you have to be reminded of that?”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>