Prophet Joshua Iginla offers a fresh prophecy in August 2023.

It is up to you to claim a prayer that is recognized as prophetic. You have to believe that you made these prophecies. The General Overseer of Champion’s Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla, recently sent a message to his Facebook friends and family in response to this. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The pastor’s speech was overheard, and he described courage as “the manifestation of boldness and mental efficiency to withstand the density of life.” Build up your courage so you can withstand any storm. There are a lot of different storms and ominous situations in the world nowadays. You might not live to be old if you lack bravery. This is because having courage provides you the motivation to push through obstacles and achieve your goals. Psalm 31:24 says that if you have faith in the Lord, he will give you courage.

He ended by saying, “On this note, I prophesy upon your life today that God shall give you the courage to overcome the storms and fearful situations life may bring your way.” In the stead of Jesus.…… Continue Your Reading

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