Prophet Jeremiah makes a brand-new prophecy on Tinubu’s administration and predicts it will occur in six months.

Prophecies are messages that will occur in believers’ lives that have been sent by the divine. Such messages are delivered by God to his people through his anointed agents. In this context, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the founder of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, appeared in a Facebook video and revealed a brand-new prophecy regarding Tinubu’s administration. He predicted that it will occur in six months. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Prophet Jeremiah stated in the video that a person is not a prophet if his or her prophecy does not come to pass. Whether you like it or not, Nigeria will be better in the next six months. I made a prophecy concerning this current administration in November 2022. I promised you that Nigeria will change and there will be no more sadness in six months. Those things are already taking place, as you can see.

“Again, I declare to you that within the next six months, tears of joy would be shed in Nigeria during this Tinubu administration. No more tears will be shed, and a better Nigeria is on the way. Spread the word about this prophecy to reap blessings.

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