Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin: If I Please Come To Your Church To Preach In Your Church, You Must Give Me An Envelope

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, addressed his congregation during the “Wednesday Prophetic Service” and made a request. He requested an envelope be sent to him as part of the sermon from people who invited him to speak at their house of worship. Prophet Jeremiah stressed the importance of his anointing and asked for an envelope to house his possessions.

He clarified that the lack of branches was necessary since customers would have paid the same amount whether they selected the monthly payment option or the annual payment option. This held true for both payment options.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He emphasized the necessity for a donation in the form of a letter or an envelope if someone wanted him to speak at their church. Because of the significance of his anointing, the donation was supposed to remain tightly sealed. He said they had pledged to comply with his demands, including transferring 10,000 Naira if they didn’t give him the envelope. Even if he had branches at the time, this criteria would have been the same.

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