Prophet Iginla Joshua Explains How Self-Glory Affects People

Some people consider Nigerian pastor, televangelist, and proponent of the prosperity gospel Joshua Iginla to be a prophet. He recently made public prophetic predictions in a post on Facebook. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The man of God continued by detailing the impact of self-glorification. He claimed that to be entrapped in one’s own glory entails being shielded from the effects of God’s glory.

Being entrapped in one’s own glory exempts one from the effects of God’s glory. One of the primary motivations for experiencing Ichabod (departed glory) in people is self-glorification.

The man of God said, “Some people are so full of themselves and have a tendency to exalt themselves as though they are independent of God; this is an expression of self glory. Self-glorification caused Lucifer to fall and become Satan by pushing him out of God’s glory. The Bible says: Lucifer, son of the dawn, how art thou fallen from heaven! How have you been brought low for weakening the nations? Because you declared in your heart that you would ascend into heaven and set your throne above God’s stars. 12–13 in Isaiah 14.

The prophet of God concluded by saying, “I prophesy, you shall not miss God’s glory because of self-glorification.” Jesus be praised.…… Continue Your Reading

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