Prof. Chris Nwaokobia of the Election Tribunal claims that the FG is misinterpreting the mantra “All Eyes On Judiciary.”

The Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government was criticized by Professor Chris Nwaokobia, a well-known political activist and head of the Labour Party, for its decision to remove billboards with the slogan “All Eyes On The Judiciary,” which is being chanted by a variety of Nigerians. The nation is eagerly awaiting the decision from the five-member panel of Appeal Court Justices currently preside over the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal in A. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In an interview on News Central TV’s “Nigeria Tonight” show on Thursday, August 17, Nwaokobia, who served on the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council in the run-up to the February 25 elections, claimed that the administration is misinterpreting the mantra. She continued by saying that it was simply being yelled by certain Nigerians to serve as a reminder to the judiciary to not only uphold the law but also to be seen to uphold it for the benefit of national advancement.

The fundamental issues of statehood and nationhood are at the core of the current struggle, which I want to make abundantly clear. And I want to be very clear that the court must uphold its reputation because it is the last line of defense for the common man. According to some, the court must uphold justice. I fail to understand why the administration of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would find it distressing. Sincerely, I don’t know why.

I’m not sure why the present administration misreads the slogan’s genuine meaning as well as how it should be understood. When Nigerians say “all eyes on the judiciary,” they simply mean that they want the judges to conduct themselves morally. They want the judges to base their decisions on the facts and figures that have been submitted to them. When they assert that they want the courts to uphold justice, that is all they are saying.…… Continue Your Reading

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