President Tinubu’s Allegations of a New Minimum Wage Agreement Are Rejected by Organized Labor

President Bola Tinubu stated during his nationwide broadcast to commemorate Democracy Day that an agreement on the new national minimum wage has been established. However, Organized Labor has contradicted his statements, according to VANGUARD. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), acting president Prince Adewale Adeyanju, responded by saying that no agreement was reached at the Tripartite Committee’s most recent meeting on Friday, June 7. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Instead, two figures—₦250,000 from organized labor and ₦62,000 from the government and organized private sector (OPS)—were proposed and were supposed to be submitted to the President for further deliberation.

Adeyanju’s statement emphasized that any claims of an agreement beyond these figures are unfounded and unacceptable to Labour.

“Anything to the contrary was not only doctored but won’t be accepted by Labor,” he stated firmly.

The Tripartite Committee, comprising representatives from the government, labor unions, and the private sector, was tasked with negotiating a new minimum wage to address the economic challenges faced by Nigerian workers.

The negotiation process had been contentious, leading to nationwide strikes and significant disruptions.

During his Democracy Day speech, President Tinubu announced that a new minimum wage agreement had been reached and that an executive bill would soon be sent to the National Assembly to formalize the agreement.

He portrayed the negotiations as a democratic success and praised the cooperative approach taken by his administration.

However, organized labor’s rejection of this claim highlights the ongoing dispute and unresolved nature of the minimum wage negotiations.

The NLC has been vocal about the inadequacy of the government’s proposed figure of ₦62,000, insisting on a much higher minimum wage to counteract rising inflation and economic hardships.READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>