President Tinubu Is Praised By Bwala Daniel For His Yesterday’s Powerful Speech

Bwala Daniel, a lawyer, notary public, and barrister at Lincolns Inn, London (NP), and a presidential spokesperson for the Atiku Campaign Organization in the 2023 election, posted a tweet on his official Twitter account in which he released a video of himself getting ready for the day’s work and praised the president for his remarks from yesterday about what should be done to him whether he performs well or poorly. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Daniel began his speech by saying, “Greetings, my folks. The NBA’s Annual General Conference is taking place this week. In an outstanding speech yesterday, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu remarked something to the effect of, “If I do well, please praise me, and if I don’t do well, please criticize me to do well.”

See the tweet from Bwala captured in the screenshot below.…… Continue Your Reading

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