Pochettino needs to bench three underwhelming Chelsea players in order for them to start winning games.

West Ham defeated Chelsea 3-1 in a thrilling London derby, prolonging Mauricio Pochettino’s wait for his first triumph as Chelsea’s manager. While there were some encouraging moments in the performance, some important players significantly underperformed. To improve matters and start winning games, Pochettino should think about benching the following three players. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Richard Sterling

Formerly a prolific scorer, Sterling found it difficult to contribute against West Ham. He failed to take advantage of opportunities and make room for his teammates, which hindered Chelsea’s offensive momentum. Put Sterling on the bench so that he may regain his form and confidence and so that another player can take the starring role.


Gallagher struggled in the midfield, failing to keep the game moving along at the right pace or contribute the necessary spark of creativity. His poor decision-making and passing accuracy resulted in missed opportunities and turnovers. He might have the chance to regroup and return more powerfully after some time on the sidelines.

Disasi, Axel

Disasi struggled to stop West Ham’s attacking threats, which left a lot to be desired in his defensive performance. His placement and marking were suspect, which allowed West Ham to take advantage of defensive weaknesses. To strengthen the backline and give another defender an opportunity to shine, think about benching Disasi.

Finally, Mauricio Pochettino ought to think about strategically altering the starting lineup by benching underwhelming players like Raheem Sterling, Gallagher, and Axel Disasi. This might give the team new insight, energized performances, and a stronger opportunity to earn their first victory of the year.…… Continue Your Reading

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