Players If Chelsea wants to keep winning games, they must sit on the bench.

Raheem Sterling’s outstanding effort against newly promoted Luton Town at Stamford Bridge gave Chelsea their first victory of the year. Even still, a couple players’ underwhelming performances generated concerns about their place in the team’s upcoming games, despite the victory. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Disasi, Axel

The French defender was proactive on the field, but Chelsea’s offensive impetus was hindered by his propensity to choose safe sideways and backward passes. Even though his defensive skills were put to the test, he had trouble staying in the game and could have done better.

Caicedo, Moises

The youthful midfielder struggled to get into a groove in the most recent encounter, moving slowly and showing little dynamism when in control of the ball.

His performance indicated that he might be having trouble adjusting to the team’s playing style. Given his relative inexperience with the squad, an adjustment time may be required. As a result, Pochettino should think about benching Caicedo for the upcoming games.

Chilwell, Ben

The England international’s performance disappointed since there were great expectations for him, both offensively and defensively.

Chilwell failed to have a meaningful influence, which was a key opportunity that may have cost the club. Sitting the bench for a while might give him a chance to refocus and find his form.…… Continue Your Reading

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