Players: 2 To help the team perform better, Arsenal should be moved to the bench.

When the Premier League resumes after the international break, the Arsenal football club will be aiming to do well. However, there are some players the London-based club needs to sit in order to accomplish so. Here are two players Arsenal should bench in order to boost the team’s performance. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

1 – Ben White: The English defender deserves to be benched because he hasn’t had a good season thus far and wasn’t at his best against Manchester United. He hasn’t had much of an impact on Arsenal’s defense line this year.

Marcus Rashford had the chance to give United the lead during the team’s final game due to his weak defensive abilities. Before rejoining the starting lineup for the Arsenal football club, he needs to significantly improve. Better defenders are required to bolster the Arsenal football club’s defensive line.

The team has been negatively impacted by White’s excessive incompetence in aerial duels. He must be replaced by a defenseman who is more energetic. His output is consistently minimal; it appears that he is constantly anxious about facing a striker one-on-one.

2. Kai Havertz: The German playmaker is currently underperforming and should be replaced with a better player who can have a more positive impact on the team. He does not deserve to be a regular starter for the Arsenal football club.

The team would have suffered if players like Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus had not stepped up for the team in the dying moments of the game. The former Chelsea playmaker squandered extremely apparent opportunities in the game against Manchester United.

At the Arsenal football club, Kai Havertz has not yet demonstrated the ability to play with precision, his creativity has fallen short of expectations, and he has struggled to mesh well with the team’s other players. He needs to be benched by coach Mikel Arteta so that better players like Fabio Vieira, who is clearly outperforming him this year, can get a chance.…… Continue Your Reading

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