(PICS): The Netherlands’ Prime Minister rides a bicycle out of office after being in office for 14 years.

(PICS): The Netherlands' Prime Minister rides a bicycle out of office after being in office for 14 years.On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, after serving as the Netherlands’ prime minister for 14 years, Mr. Mark Rutte rode out of office. After his resignation from national politics and the dissolution of his coalition government, Mr. Rutte served as prime minister of the Netherlands from 2010 until 2024.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Netherlands Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mr Karel van Oosterom, who announced the development on his X handle, said it was an emotional moment when the prime minister moved out of the office and left for home on a bicycle.

Displaying photographs of the retiring prime minister when he was leaving the office, the ambassador said he was seen off by the new Prime Minister, Mr Dick Schoof.

In the photographs posted by the ambassador, the former prime minister was seen in a jovial mood, mounting his bicycle and exchanging pleasantries with the new Prime Minister and other government officials.

Before Mr Rutte left, he witnessed the swearing-in of his successor and immediately after the end of the swearing-in ceremony, he came outside, mounted his bicycle and left for home.

The ambassador wrote: “This is the Netherlands. Our Prime Minister of fourteen years leaves office. On a bicycle.

“We have a new government in the Netherlands, led by our new Prime Minister, Dick Schoof.”

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