Peter Obi’s Influence Following UK Labour Party’s Election Win,Bashir Ahmad Casts Doubt


Bashir Ahmad, a senior assistant to former President Muhammadu Buhari, recently attacked Peter Obi and his followers on Twitter, criticising assertions that Obi’s influence was responsible for the Labour Party’s victory in the UK.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ahmad’s remarks sparked a lively debate among political observers and netizens alike.

Ahmad’s tweet reads: “Wow. So, there are really some people who genuinely believe that Peter Obi’s tweet/influence helped the Labour Party win the election in the United Kingdom. This is despite the fact that he couldn’t influence his own Labour Party to win a single governorship seat outside his state. One cannot fathom how gullible those supporters are.”



The context of Ahmad’s comments stems from the recent victory of the Labour Party in the UK, which some Peter Obi supporters have attempted to link to the Nigerian politician’s influence. Obi, the leader of Nigeria’s Labour Party and a notable figure in Nigerian politics, has a significant following on social media, where he often comments on various socio-political issues.

Ahmad, however, dismissed these claims, pointing to the Labour Party’s performance in Nigeria under Obi’s leadership. Despite a strong showing in the 2023 presidential election, the Labour Party struggled to secure governorship seats outside Obi’s home state of Anambra, raising questions about his broader influence within Nigeria.

This tweet has reignited discussions about the extent of Obi’s influence both within Nigeria and internationally. Supporters argue that Obi’s message resonates globally with the ideals of the Labour Party, while critics, like Ahmad, suggest that his impact is overstated, especially when viewed through the lens of local electoral successes.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>