Peter Obi:”My Take On Nnamdi Kanu Is That I Don’t See Any Reason For His Continued Detention”

Peter Obi:"My Take On Nnamdi Kanu Is That I Don't See Any Reason For His Continued Detention"Peter Obi, a former presidential candidate for the Labour Party, has joined the increasing number of people calling for the release of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Obi, speaking at his Anambra State residence, described Nigeria as “almost a failed state” and urged the federal government to obey court orders granting Kanu bail

According to the report by Saturday Sun, Obi stressed the importance of the rule of law in a democracy, stating that the government’s continued detention of Kanu and others despite court orders is arbitrary and unlawful.

He extended his plea to include all those detained for participating in protests, exercising freedom of speech, or advocating for their rights, including EndSARS protesters and journalists.

He said that Nigeria is a democratic country and people have the constitutional right to express themselves freely. He said that the people have the right to peaceful protests, and that the government must listen to them.

He said that the court had granted Nnamdi Kanu bail, and that the government should obey the court order.

He said, “My take on Nnamdi Kanu is that I don’t see any reason for his continued detention, especially as the courts have granted him bail. The government must obey the court.

“The rule of law is an intricate asset that we must cherish and live with. I use this same opportunity to plead with federal government to ensure that all those who are in similar conditions are released and discussed with.

“We are in a democracy and we should not be doing things that are arbitrary and not within the law.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>