Peter Obi:Abayomi Arabambi, He Can’t Be Our Candidate In 2027 If He Follows Joe Ajaero

Peter Obi:Abayomi Arabambi, He Can't Be Our Candidate In 2027 If He Follows Joe AjaeroAbayomi Arabambi, the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, stated that Peter Obi must follow lawful authorities in order to remain the party’s nominee in 2027. Speaking with Arise TV, Arabambi expressed concerns that Obi might not be permitted to represent the party in the next election because of his associations with people like Joe Ajaero and Aisha Yesufu who advocate for disobeying the law.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Arabambi emphasized that the party needs a candidate who recognizes the value of deference to established authorities and the rule of law. He cautioned that Obi would not be seen as a serious contender for the party in 2027 if he keeps associating with those who support criminality.

In his words, “We need to prepare, and this was what we were telling Peter Obi. Look, let us prepare for 2027.”

“But if you’re not ready, if you’re following what Joe Ajaero, Aisha Yesufu of this world, is following PO around, and he’ll be telling you we have an illegitimate administration and Mr. Peter Obi will dance to that, then he cannot be our candidate in 2027.”

“Because is it when he becomes president that he now wants Nigerians to be respecting him? No, you must respect constituted authority.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>