Peter Obi to Nnamani: “Why Should I Attend School and Pay Exorbitant Fees When I Can Learn Leadership From You?”

Peter Obi to Nnamani: Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, was happy with Senator Nnamani’s invitation to come and teach him manners rather than going to school and paying exorbitant fees to study that component of leadership.

Remember that Senator Nnamani criticized Peter Obi of lacking manners and that he should go acquire manners rather than setting Igbos up in Nigeria’s political climate….. Continue Reading

In response, Peter Obi declared that all of Nnamani’s allegations against him were baseless, and that it would be difficult for anyone to present evidence that he is a tribal bigot as well as a religious bigot.

“As I very much know that among the critical characteristics of every good leader are listening, and learning and my brother advised that I should return to school to learn some aspects of leadership I am lacking.”

“Why should I go to school to pay huge fees when I can get it free of charge from my dear elder brother who knows it better? I respectfully appeal that I be invited by my Senior brother to teach me accordingly.”…

Peter Obi to Nnamani: Peter Obi to Nnamani:

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