Peter Obi receives a message from Prophet Samuel, who also prays for peace in Nigeria.

Peter Obi receives a message from Prophet Samuel, who also prays for peace in Nigeria.Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel, the General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel in Abuja, has released a statement over the outcome of the 2023 presidential election. Continue Reading>>>

The cleric, in his statement on Saturday, urged Peter Obi to retrace his steps.

In his word, he said “Why is Peter obi struggling with his presidential mandate today? He needs to go back and re-trace his steps. Check all track records of every true Prophets, Apostles etc; We all have different callings and assignments on the earth.

“No matter how great you are in ministry you know your limits, but flesh sees all things with political eyes, God chose Samuel as the king but Israel chose Saul, I want to believe that this is the state of Nigeria today. Continue Reading>>>

I encourage Peter Obi to reconcile with all the humble and true prophets in Nigeria, anyone that advised him to ignore the true prophets wants him to fail.

“We all know ourselves this was what Nigeria suffered when other nations benefited so much from my father, the late TB Joshua, he is no more here physical but his mantle is somewhere working in somebody again today.
The entire nations that rejected him before now wished they didn’t cast aspersion on his gifts and callings while he was alive, some of his adversaries then, now send to me, video clips of his great works and raw prophecies and miracles, we were all made blind to see TB Joshua as demon or Lucifer himself in human form, till God took him to a better place. We don’t regard what we have until we lose it.

“My admonition to Peter Obi today is, he needs to repair all the broken bridges and walls, Just as Crowd was not needed to anoint King David by the ancient Prophet Samuel, I advise you (Peter Obi) now to start with Reverend Father Mbaka, make reconciliation with him, no need for all this running up and down the body of Christ, The church in Nigeria is not known to speak in one voice today because of denominations, that’s why we are not matured to plant a leader without stress, while other faith use this weak point to always bring us on our knees, Prayer and fasting without unity can’t stop united people.

“The clergy further said “prophetic mandate is not a political mandate; at the end God’s word will be established in Nigeria by the mercy of God because people are missing, hunger is increasing, our debts as a nation is incredible, insecurity is 100 % increasing we can’t continue this way we don’t see new leaders what we see is the recycle of same team of friends, time will tell. let all ministers focus on their calling and love each other this is the only way to move us forward as a nation not envy but love” .

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