Peter Obi: English fan of Manchester City was seen at the Etihad Stadium with a “Eluu P 78” shirt (WATCH)

Peter Obi won presidential election, we are compiling results – Labour Party
An image of a Manchester City fan at the Etihad Stadium in England singing the well-known labor party anthem “Eluu P” has emerged online.

It is no longer a surprise that on Tuesday, Manchester City hosted RB Leipzig for the second half of their round of 16 champions league match….CONTINUE READING

After City striker Erling Haaland scored an incredible five goals, the host team humiliated the visiting team in a 7-1 goal thriller. He began by scoring three goals in the first half before completing a penalty kick and a close-range shot.

However, a picture of a city supporter wearing a personalized “Eluu P” blouse has appeared online.

It is important to note that since the phrase first appeared, Peter obi supporters both at home and overseas have used it.

Several DJs have mixed the phrase, and many people are now listening to it as music..CONTINUE READING

Please view the fan in the image below.


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