Peter Obi: Don’t go to any court to seek justice if you can’t abide by an order from the appeals court. -Arabambi

Athan Achonu’s governorship campaign in Imo State is allegedly about to get underway despite Peter Obi and Julius Abure’s faction of the Labour Party being aware of the Appeal Court decision that invalidated his candidacy, according to Abayomi Arabambi, the national publicity secretary of the Lamidi Apapa faction of the party. Arabambi also stated during an interview with Arise News that Obi, who is seeking justice at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), should not go to any court if he can’t respect the ruling of the Appeal Court in Imo. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Arabambi said, “They’re even preparing something now. They declared that they wanted to swear in Senator Athan despite the fact that the Court of Appeal had thrown out his candidacy. Our group received a message from Mr. Peter Obi, Abure, and others saying that they wanted to inaugurate him, but we responded by reminding them that they were still in the election petition tribunal and that the PEPT is located in the same Court of Appeal, and that a decision had just been made by the Court of Appeal in Imo, which they continued to disregard. You stated that you are moving on while anticipating a ruling, stating that “all eyes are on the judiciary.” Do we have two judiciaries in Nigeria? There is just one.

He continued, “You should not go to any court to seek justice if you cannot respect the court’s decision. Because you disrespected their colleague from the Court of Appeal in Imo who stated that this man is not your candidate for the simple reason that you conducted your primary in defiance of the order of the FCT High Court, it is a legal question as to whether or not you can go before another court to ask for justice when you disobey a court order.…… Continue Your Reading

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