“People blame me for making Bola Tinubu the governor of Lagos, but I created him by God’s will,” Opens Up Pa Adebanjo

“People blame me for making Bola Tinubu the governor of Lagos, but I created him by God’s will,” Opens Up Pa AdebanjoPa Ayo Adebanjo, the chairman of the sociocultural organization Afenifere, has explained why he and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu fell out. In an exclusive interview with Sahara Reporters, Pa Adebanjo made it clear that he helped Asiwaju become the politician he is today in Nigeria.

He claimed that despite the fact that Asiwaju’s candidacy was opposed by a large portion of the party owing to his character, he stayed with Asiwaju throughout the entire process…… CONTINUE READING

He stated that Asiwaju’s role in the internal conflict that the Alliance for Democracy had after he was elected governor of Lagos State forced him to rethink his opinion of the man. Asiwaju still regards him highly, according to Pa Ayo Adebanjo, but he is unhappy with the way he turned the party’s stakeholders against the party’s leaders.

He claimed that Asiwaju disregarded the important guys who helped him become governor while bribing men of questionable character into his cabinet. According to him, many continue to hold him responsible for selecting Asiwaju above other candidates for the AD.

He stated:

”I don’t want to be involved in any discussion about Asiwaju, he’s my boy. I created Bola Tinubu by God’s will, people blame me for making him Lagos governor. I said I don’t regret because it was the system that brought him there. I didn’t impose him, he paid only half a million to win the primary back then.

Even though, he’s now taking 30 million naira from people to get APC ticket now. There is no personal animosity between us, up til now he still gives me my respect. But the way he was running the party was against the way we brought him. Because he was in office, he sidelined us who made him.”….. CONTINUE READING

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