Paul Orajiaka:”What Peter Obi did in Anambra is still a benchmark for good governance in the country”

“I decided to move to the Labour Party because of the presence of Obi in the party–According to Paul OrajiakaThe Labour Party’s presidential candidate for 2023, Peter Obi, has been hailed by contender Paul Orajiaka as a brilliant example of morality, values, honesty, and decency, according to Punch Newspaper. Orajiaka acknowledged his respect for Obi’s leadership characteristics, which he feels are crucial for strong government, during an interactive session with journalists in Awka.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a particularly critical verse, Abdulkareem accuses Pastor Adeboye of hypocrisy. He points out that while Adeboye actively protested against poor governance during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure, he now attributes the country’s challenges to spiritual problems under President Tinubu. This shift in stance, according to the rapper, highlights a double standard in Adeboye’s approach to political activism and accountability.

Abdulkareem goes further, urging Pastor Adeboye to organize a large-scale protest against the current government, similar to the one he led during Jonathan’s administration. The rapper’s call to action emphasizes the need for consistency in holding leaders accountable, irrespective of their political affiliations. By challenging Adeboye to mobilize his followers against perceived injustices, Abdulkareem underscores the power and responsibility of influential figures in shaping public opinion and policy.

The rapper’s provocative statements have ignited discussions on the role of religious leaders in politics and their influence on social movements. Abdulkareem’s demand for Pastor Adeboye to speak truth to power reflects a broader expectation for religious leaders to maintain impartiality and to advocate for justice consistently. As the public reacts to this latest development, it remains to be seen how Pastor Adeboye and his followers will respond to Abdulkareem’s bold challenge.lenge.

He said: “Baba, we need your one million disciples to protest against President Tinubu government just the way you protested against President Jonathan. Daddy, abi legs don dey pain your disciples?CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>