Patience Jonathan ‘If you call me for Aso Villa I won’t go’

Patience Jonathan 'If you call me for Aso Villa I won’t go’The Daily Post claims that former first lady Dame Patience Jonathan recently made a speech on her thoughts on a possible return to the presidential house. The statement was caught on camera and has since gone viral. She firmly declared, “I wouldn’t go there if you called me now for villa,” during a public event. I refuse to. See how young I am, don’t you? There is a great deal of stress.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Patience Jonathan emphasized that she believes the burden of Nigeria’s challenges is overwhelming, pointing out that she appears younger now than during her time in office. In her own words, “The stress of Nigeria is so much. If God manages to bring you out of it, you should glorify Him. He has taken you there once, why do you want to go there again?”

The former President, Goodluck Jonathan, vacated the presidential villa in 2015 following his defeat in the presidential election to Muhammadu Buhari. It is noteworthy that during her tenure as the First Lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan gained popularity for her informal communications in pidgin English, such as the memorable phrase “na only you waka come.”

This recent statement from the former First Lady underscores her unwavering position against the idea of returning to the Aso Villa, emphasizing the toll of the nation’s challenges as a factor in her decision-making.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>