Pastor Paul Enenche recounts how armed robbers attacked some police officers in order to steal their firearms.

Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Center discussed selfishness during the August 2023 Inauguration Service. He used a tale of armed robbers assaulting police officers on a Nigerian highway to illustrate his argument. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche asserts that when people are self-centered, they tend to make little room in their lives for other people. As long as their personal happiness is ensured, they don’t care about the happiness of others.

Armed robbers came across a vehicle on the highway that had been damaged and had some policemen standing around it brandishing their weapons. They were attacked by armed thieves, who killed the uniformed security guards. How come they attacked the police officers? They merely want to take their weapons and commit more evil. Nothing about others matters to a selfish person.…… Continue Your Reading

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