Pastor Olukoya Explains The Bible’s Recognition Of Two Types of Madness

Two types of craziness recognized by the Bible have been exposed by Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries lead pastor, Pastor Daniel Olukoya. This was stated in a passage from his sermon that was posted on his social media profile. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He claimed that resisting your destiny helper, whom he referred to as your “Moses,” and having a crooked heart are the two types of craziness that the Bible recognizes.

Genesis 39:5 is one of the verses he quoted to support his argument. Joseph’s brothers plotted to sell him into slavery and send him to Egypt, but God had actually sent him to protect his family from the impending famine.

Additionally, he quoted Ecclesiastes 9:3, which reads,

“The same fate befalls everyone, and this is the evil in all that occurs under the sun. Additionally, humans have wickedness and lunacy in their hearts while they are alive, and when they die, they join the dead.…… Continue Your Reading


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