Pastor D. Olukoya: When I Asked “Do They Speak In Tongues?” Some Children From Abroad Said This.

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, gave the audience a message. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The religious leader reportedly mentioned that some people exhibit unloving attitudes in front of their children during a Sunday worship session discussing the theme “WHEN YOU ARE NOTHING (4).” He found it unreasonable that they still want their kids to go to church with them. Some of these youngsters, who were raised in prayer, he said, go on to travel abroad. It’s interesting to note that young kids begin to skip prayers on their own. They go to churches where dancing and passive listening to sermons are prioritized above praying. The enemies that had been causing them problems then start to regroup.

He claimed, “Their parents’ lack of love has caused them to develop problems. They keep bothering me now that they are back. “Where do you worship?” I ask. Some may respond, “No church.” Some will make such a reference to one church. “Do they speak in tongues?” I inquire. It’s “No” in response. Are they pious? “No”. The conflict has therefore been reassembled.

“A warning to those parents who are fighting and acting unlovingly at home: you are bringing trouble to yourself,” he concluded. Your life lacks impact when there are no people in it. Love is absent from it. Therefore, having a love for people in your life is the simplest approach to influence your generation.

As of late, it has become increasingly common for people to be hastily deported back to their own nations because of problems like mental instability, demonic attacks, and the adoption of odd behaviors like drug use and marijuana smoking. It’s important to note that everyone of these people hails from a Christian family.…… Continue Your Reading

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