Pastor Chris Okafor believes that God can use Tinubu to change Nigeria.

Pastor Chris Okafor believes that God can use Tinubu to change Nigeria.A man of God has said God can use President Bola Tinubu to turn the country around.

Pastor Chris Okafor, Founder, Grace Nation International made the comment during an interaction with journalists. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Pastor Okafor, who said ordinarily he is not a fan of the President, described him as a focused personality who refused to be moved by all manner of negative publicity against him.

Okafor spoke to journalists at his office inside the Grace Nation International, also known as the Liberation City, in Lagos State, where he insisted that he does not dabble in politics and had his reservations about the former Lagos Governor contesting for the presidency. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He said even now that Tinubu has become the president, “I still have my reservations. I would’ve preferred that he did not contest at all,” he told journalists.

Having said that, the cleric added, “I must admit I have also come to respect the man in a way. I don’t know too many men his age who can withstand what he endured before, during and after the election.”

According to him, the President was insulted, abused and called all sorts of names but he just kept his eyes on his target, which was becoming the President and continued to work towards it and even went ahead to campaign in every part of the country.

He said the President stayed calm till the end. The man of God described the president as “a strong man.”

Asked if he thinks Tinubu’s government will do well, he added that it was too early to say and as a pastor he tries very hard not to get involved in such predictions, pointing out that God works in mysterious ways and can use Tinubu to turn the country around for good, “even if a large number of Nigerians don’t like him.”

“If you recall, months before the election, I released a prophecy saying that the man most people want to win the election will not win it, it is the most despised man that will win it,” he added.

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