Pastor Adeboye Uses The Example Of A Husband And Wife To Demonstrate How Closely God Is To Jesus Christ.

In a recent YouTube clip, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the general overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, or RCCG, shared a message with the general public. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric reportedly said, “When we were looking at the Book of Joshua the last time, we pointed out to us what will appear to be routines in life – things we do from day to day,” according to reports. He made this statement while delivering the sermon “FOR WHOM THE HEAVENS OPEN (Part 24)” || RCCG Online Sunday Service || 20th August, 2023 || Part A. We also predict that the wall would collapse on day 7, but we first have to get through days 1, 2, 3, and so on until day 6. Every number has a special meaning. I’ll give you a quick overview of the theology of numbers as follows:

1. God the Father’s number: One is the symbol for completeness. It is the uniqueness identifier. It represents the degree of independence.

2. The incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son. It is the intimacy number. When a man gets married, everyone spends a lot of time at the reception, etc., and when they go home, the best man or lady doesn’t want to go. We have reached the point when three will constitute a throng; if only they could see what the couple is saying, which is “get away from here.” It also represents cooperation. When two persons are identical in every way, they act identically.

3. The Trinity is made up of three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 3:16–17 serves as a demonstration of this. As God the Son was emerging from the water after his baptism, God the Holy Spirit dove-like descended and landed on him. God the Father announced from Heaven that there are three of us participating in this baptism. Additionally, it represents incredible strength. 4:9–12 in Ecclesiastes.

He concluded by saying, “It is really tough to defeat them when you discover three persons who may be fully connected so that they become like one. African elders advised using a tripod stand to transport cooking pots since they are safe as long as they are supported by one. It represents steadiness, security, and unbreakable friendship.…… Continue Your Reading

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