Partners with Nonprofit for Free Services, Oseni Rufai Establishes Healing Center to Serve Community

Partners with Nonprofit for Free Services, Oseni Rufai Establishes Healing Center to Serve CommunityOseni Rufai wants to help people by establishing the Oseni healing center because she thinks that more compassion may make a difference in people’s lives. He thinks the facility will memorialize his late parents, and he gives all the glory to God and not to himself.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The center will be professionally staffed, with a rotating group of doctors and practitioners. Rufai will fund the operations, but also seeks support to ensure the center’s long-term sustainability.

Rufai expresses hope that the center will assist many people. Currently, it is providing free medications and medical tests in partnership with Afrihealth. He acknowledges his own limitations but believes in the power of collective effort to help others.

Oseni Rufai wrote this in a post on his verified Twitter page.

In his words, “My inspiration for building the Oseni healing center is to help humanity, I think if we care for each other more life will be better. I don’t take glory for anything but I return all the glory to God. I am not special, God is the special one that loads us all with benefits. I also hope it will honor the memory of my late parents. We will get doctors to oversee the center and we will have a revolving doctor policy for health practitioners to help us make our contribution a reality.

I will use my personal revenue to pay for the running cost but I will also need support. I am committed to making this sustainable, as I know sustainability matters apart from the building. We pray it will help a lot of people. Today in partnership with Afrihealth we are giving drugs for various illnesses and also carrying out tests all free at the center as we speak on Abija street Odogbolu, in the Oke Alaafia area. I don’t know everything but I know if we come together we can help each other.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>