“Papa Oyedepo has already surpassed everyone, what does he want again,” someone said. -Enenche

At the August Impartation Service – First Service at the Glory Dome in Abuja, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, addressed his congregation on “The Plague Of Lovelessness (2).” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He quoted Acts 13:44, saying, “Paul the Apostle preached, as we say in Nigeria,’so tey’ that the next sabbath day, nearly the entire city came together to hear the Word of God. Before they (the Jews) saw the crowd, envy did not surface.

Then he continued, “My passion is to see how far we can push this young man. He is evangelizing on the streets in a very forceful manner, seeking to replicate the kind of tough work we do in Africa. Helping someone else doesn’t make you less of a person. You are not diminished by pushing someone else ahead. You cannot assist in lifting someone while still on the ground. You are not diminished or stripped of anything by it.

Then he added, “If you can decide that your task is to make sure that everywhere you see anything positive, celebrate it. Be happy whenever you notice something positive. Let anything that is developing that you see fascinate you. Whether they are on the same level as you, higher than you, or lower than you. Someone once claimed that Papa Oyedepo had already surpassed everyone; what more could he possibly want? A pastor is speaking there. heart that is bitter.…… Continue Your Reading

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