Pa Clark Wants To Provoke The Igbos To Rebellion Again, But They’re Wiser than That – According to Dayo Sobowale

Pa Clark Wants To Provoke The Igbos To Rebellion Again, But They're Wiser than That - According to Dayo SobowaleDayo Sobowale, an analyst with Arise News, has accused Pa Edwin Clark and Pa Ayo Adebanjo of attempting to instigate the Igbo people to rebel under the guise of supporting restructuring. Sobowale believes that their true purpose is to aid a confederation, although they are hesitant to express this openly.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He maintained that while their accusations of injustice and marginalization are valid, their strategy is hazardous and erroneous. Sobowale issued a warning, saying that inciting the Igbo people to revolt would be bad for both the nation and the Igbo people. He said that he was confident the Igbo people would be able to recognize this strategy and that they are “bigger and wiser than that”.

According to him; “Those asking for restructuring are asking for a confederation, but they don’t have the guts to say that. Papa Clark is one of them including Papa Ayo Adebanjo. What they’re trying to say is that, there’s unfairness in the country, there’s unfairness in the allocation of things. You can’t wake up one day and because one particular person was removed from office, you have to provoke the Igbos to rebellion again? No, the Igbos are bigger and wiser than that.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>