Owolabi Salis:”Thankfully, The National Assembly Is Even Proposing The Creation Of Orlu State”

Owolabi Salis:"Thankfully, The National Assembly Is Even Proposing The Creation Of Orlu State" High Chief Owolabi Salis, a Nigerian lawyer and chartered accountant residing in the United States, has expressed satisfaction with the idea to establish Orlu State as an additional state in the southeast to bring the region up to par with other parts of the nation. He continued by issuing a warning regarding the marginalization of the Igbo people and other ethnic minorities in the nation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Nigerian Tribune, Mr Salis made this disclosure in a statement he released, stating it clearly that no single nation brushes aside the issue of marginalisation and realises its potentials. High Chief Salis went on and stated it clearly that there must be unity in Nigeria, if the country wants to grow, he thereby urged President Tinubu to restructure the country, in order to eradicate discrimination in the country.

Some parts of his statement read: “Thankfully, the National Assembly has told the world that it would cooperate with this President and, is even proposing the creation of Orlu State to bring the South East at par with other zones.”

High Chief Salis went on and expressed happiness that the lawmakers are also proposing rotational presidency, and creating the South East Development Commission, as a way of addressing the marginalisation of the Igbos in the country.

In addition, he noted that he is happy that President Tinubu, who is a democrat is currently the county’s president, noting that he (Tinubu) can now practice what he has been preaching over the years.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>