Osimhen Outburst: Solid Five Reasons Why the Super Eagles Striker Went Too Far

Osimhen Outburst: Solid Five Reasons Why the Super Eagles Striker Went Too FarThe recent live video tirade by Victor Osimhen directed against Finidi George has generated a great deal of discussion among Nigerian football fans. The striker’s freedom to voice his frustrations has been upheld by some, but his outburst has been denounced by others as impolite and unprofessional.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Finidi George had said before his live broadcast that he couldn’t ask the Napoli forward to play for the Super Eagles. After all is said and done, it’s obvious that Osimhen made a mistake and should apologize. I’ll give you five convincing reasons why.

1. Lack of Respect for Authority

Osimhen’s public outburst shows a blatant disregard for Finidi George. As a player, it’s essential to maintain a level of respect and professionalism, even when disagreements arise. By going public with his grievances, Osimhen has set a dangerous precedent that may encourage other players to follow suit.

2. Unprofessionalism

While social media can be an effective tool for communication, it’s not the appropriate platform for a professional athlete to air grievances. Osimhen’s live video rant was emotional and unfiltered, lacking the nuance and maturity expected of a national team player. He should have opted for a more constructive and respectful approach, like speaking to the press or addressing his concerns directly with the coach.

3. Disrespect to the Super Eagles

As a representative of the Super Eagles, Osimhen’s actions reflect not only on himself but also on the team and the nation. His outburst has brought unnecessary negative attention to the team, undermining the efforts of his teammates and the coaching staff. As a role model, Osimhen should strive to uphold the values of the Super Eagles and conduct himself in a manner that inspires pride.

4. Double Standards

Osimhen’s behavior raises questions about his attitude towards his club coach. Would he dare to publicly criticize his club coach in a similar manner? The hypocrisy is evident, and it suggests that Osimhen has a different set of standards for local coaches versus foreign ones. This double standard is unfair and smacks of disrespect for the Nigerian coaching fraternity.

5. Distraction from the Real Issues

Osimhen’s outburst has shifted the focus away from the real issues plaguing the Super Eagles, such as the team’s poor performances and the NFF’s interference in team affairs. By making the controversy about himself, Osimhen has inadvertently distracted from the pressing concerns that need to be addressed for the team’s success.

In conclusion, Victor Osimhen’s live video rant was misguided and unprofessional. He owes Finidi George, the Super Eagles, and the Nigerian football community an apology for his actions. By taking responsibility and showing remorse, Osimhen can begin to repair the damage and work towards a more constructive and respectful dialogue.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>