Oloriburuku ni Very Dark Man o – Portable Response to Verydarkman over his comment on Obi Cubana

Oloriburuku ni Very Dark Man o - Portable Response to Verydarkman over his comment on Obi CubanaThe popular Nigerian musician Portable expressed his shock and disappointment over remarks made by Very Dark Man (VDM) against well-known businessman Obi Cubana. Portable defended Obi Cubana in a furious social media outburst, pointing out his important achievements to Nigerians and challenging VDM’s attacks. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

“Oloriburuku ni Very Dark Man o. You dey enter Obi Cubana!” Portable exclaimed, expressing his frustration with VDM’s statements.

He continued, “Who say make your papa no hustle? Do you know how much I’ve gained from my ambassadorial deal with Odogwu Bitters, and you said he doesn’t help Nigerians.”

Portable’s remarks underscore his loyalty to Obi Cubana, whom he credits for significantly boosting his career through the endorsement deal with Odogwu Bitters, a popular Nigerian alcoholic beverage. The singer’s vehement defense suggests a deep personal and professional appreciation for Obi Cubana’s impact on his life.

Obi Cubana, a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, has a reputation for his lavish lifestyle and substantial contributions to Nigerian society. His business ventures and social initiatives have garnered both praise and criticism. Portable’s defense highlights the positive influence Obi Cubana has had on individuals and communities through his business dealings and philanthropic efforts.

The clash between Portable and VDM reflects broader conversations about the role of wealthy individuals in Nigeria and their impact on society. While some criticize the ostentatious displays of wealth, others, like Portable, emphasize the opportunities and support these figures provide to those around them.

As the debate continues, Portable’s passionate defense of Obi Cubana illustrates the complexities of public perception regarding wealth and philanthropy in Nigeria. His comments serve as a reminder of the varied ways in which influential figures can affect the lives of everyday people.READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>