Ola Olukoyede ‘It Was A Yahoo Party In Akure And They All Came From 9 LG, We Arrested 127 Of Them’


Ola Olukoyede, the chairman of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, has explained the circumstances surrounding a recent arrest that the EFCC made in Akure. Dismissing internet allegations, he said that the event was in fact a “Yahoo party,” a get-together linked to numerous people engaged in cybercrime.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He detailed the arrest of 127 of the suspected fraudsters from nine local government areas, with 113 of them indicted. He identified that legal proceedings have commenced against nearly 80 of the suspects, with the remainder set to face charges in court. He further elaborated on a similar operation conducted in Lagos, where over 100 people were indicted. He identified that the EFCc is committed to combat cybercrime and maintain robust surveillance across the nation.

He said in an interview with TVC, ”It was a Yahoo party, forget about what you read online. It was a Yahoo party in Akure and they all came from 9 LG, we arrested 127 of them. We discovered that 113 of them were indicted, we have filed charges against almost 80 of them and the remaining will have their days in Court. That is what happened, they were fully indicted.

In Lagos operation that we carried out, over 100 people have been indicted. Infact we have filed 50 charges again just 50 of them and we are filing against the remaining 50 in the next two weeks. And so we are working and we have mounted surveillance across every part of the country. It is important for us to understand the kind of menace that this cyber crime is causing Nigeria.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>