Ododo’s Victory: Muritala Ajaka “As I’m Talking To You They Are Perfecting What Is On IREV”

Muritala Ajaka, a candidate for governor from the Social Democratic Party (SDP), made insinuations on November 11 regarding a discrepancy between the results uploaded on the Results Viewing Portal (IREV) and those released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He revealed that the Electoral Commission is honing the results on the IREV in collaboration with its partners. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Muritala Ajaka, there was an instance of excessive voting from her local government. As a result, the vote was annulled for the entire local government since what the candidates provided did not match what was on the BVAS. Similar issues exist in Okene, where it was evident that the results obtained there did not match those obtained from the BVAS. Despite this, the INEC accepted the results and declared Ododo the winner, Okene, Okehi, Adavi, and Ajaokuta. They are refining what is on the IREV to match their declarations as I speak with you. Said Muritala Ajaka.

In an interview with Democracy Today on AIT Television, Muritala Ajaka asserted that there was corruption within the Kogi State Electoral Commission. He was disappointed that results that did not match what was posted on the Portal were allegedly approved by the INEC. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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