Nyesom Wike“That Lawmaker Has My Whole Attention; Come And Run Under Abuja If You’re Popular”

Nyesom Wike“That Lawmaker Has My Whole Attention; Come And Run Under Abuja If You're Popular”Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has taken a daring step by inviting Senator Ireti Kingibe to a runoff election in 2027. Wike made the audacious remark on Monday at the Abuja Mabushi bus terminal project’s groundbreaking ceremony.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Accordingbto Channels Television, touting his administration’s achievements under President Bola Tinubu’s leadership, Wike questioned Kingibe’s effectiveness as a lawmaker, pointing out her lack of tangible accomplishments in the healthcare and education sectors. He challenged her to account for her legislative record, boasting that his own administration has made significant strides in the FCT.

Wike’s remarks were seen as a direct challenge to Kingibe’s influence and success, exposing a personal and political feud between the two. With a hint of defiance, Wike dared Kingibe to run in Abuja in 2027, confident that he would emerge victorious.

The minister emphasized his strong political connections and readiness to face any challenge, defending his term in office and future political ambitions. His statement underscored the importance of accountability and performance in governance, signaling a fierce contest in the upcoming elections.

Part of his words, “That lawmaker has my whole attention. “Come and run under Abuja if you are very popular in 2027; we will fail you,” Wike declared with a hint of defiance. Do you really believe that the same thing will transpire as before? This will never occur again. Just go for it if you’re famous. I am fortunate to presently serve as minister of the FCT. This is my domain, and I will not be intimidated. Wike emphasized the power of his political connections and his preparedness to face any challenge as he defended his term in office and future political ambitions.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>