Nyesom Wike:Solomon Lenu, Fubara cannot win any election in the state if he remains in PDP


Human rights activist Solomon Lenu doubted that Governor Fubara could win in Rivers state if he stays in the PDP for the October Local Government (LG) elections, according to a report published in the Vanguard.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He highlighted the PDP state chairman’s loyalty to Minister Wike, referencing his absence from a recent stakeholders meeting organized by the state electoral commission (RSIEC).

He stated that the party may refuse to give election tickets to the governor’s preferred candidates.

Considering these factors, he urged the governor to consider alternative options in order to preserve his political career.

He said, “He (Fubara) cannot win any election in the state if he remains in the PDP to conduct the LG election in October. The state chairman of the PDP is the Minister’s (Nyesom Wike) loyalist. Remember that he refused to attend the stakeholders meeting last Monday by the state electoral commission, RSIEC. My fear is that the party may not give the tickets to the Governor’s candidates for the election. This is why the Governor should not hesitate to look elsewhere to save his political career.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>