No Need to Worry About Second Marriage, Nigerian Woman Reassures Muslim Wives

No Need to Worry About Second Marriage, Nigerian Woman Reassures Muslim WivesNigerian woman Na’ima Hudu has told her Muslim sisters that even if she were to become their husband’s second wife, she would not be a rival to them. On Saturday, June 22, 2024, she expressed her sincere desire for peace and respect in the family in a poignant Facebook post.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Hudu made it clear that she views her potential co-wives as sisters in Islam and has no intention of creating rivalry. She stated, “I am not getting married to our husband to compete with you. Sharing a husband does not make either of us bad women.”

She also addressed concerns about resorting to harmful practices, saying, “By Allah, visiting seers and soothsayers aren’t in my blood. With Allah’s guidance, I will never take that path.”

Hudu further pledged to support her co-wives and uphold good behavior. “I will never encourage our husband’s bad behaviors, especially towards you. I will always try to guide him rightly.”

Regarding relationships with her co-wives’ children, she said, “Your children are mine too. My household is always open for them. I fear Allah’s punishment more than your reaction if I treat them wrongly.”

She also acknowledged the natural feelings of jealousy but emphasized that it should not lead to harm. “It’s normal for us to get jealous. However, what isn’t normal is trying to hurt me or paint me badly to our husband.”

Hudu concluded her post by expressing her commitment to respect her co-wives’ time with their husband. “When it’s your day, I will try not to interrupt with calls or chats, and I expect the same from you, except in emergencies or important matters.”

She closed with a prayer for their marriage, asking Allah to bless their union with peace and harmony.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>